April 26, 2018

My dad's favorite cake and birthday dessert of choice is carrot cake. When dreaming up what type of donuts I wanted to create for the blog I was inspired by him + eager to please one of my favorite two taste testers. I was first thinking of going healthy with it. Carro...

April 19, 2018

When I get a compliment from a stranger it's almost always about my hair or my eyes. People ask me where I get my hair done and what I use in my hair constantly! What color do you use? Who cuts it? How does it get so long? I'm going to use this post as a place to send...

April 11, 2018


Each New Years for the past handful of years I've written down a list of goals. They used to be much more fantastical than they are now, but I loved the way it got me thinking about what I needed, wanted, and dreamed of doing in the next 365 days. This past N...

April 5, 2018


I'm using this post as a way to talk about life lately in hopes that it will resonate with you in some way too! In the last year my life has changed in major ways. For this stage (Post-Grad) I had all kinds of expectations. I was sure I'd get a job in my fi...

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