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November 12, 2019

Store bought granolas can be overpriced and full of added sugars, processed ingredients, and different oils. I wanted a simple, fall granola recipe that would be easy-to-make + satisfying. It’s an ideal weekend activity to prep for the week! Eat a handful as is, sprink...

March 21, 2018

Do you wake up in the morning starving or not yet hungry? Do you have the time to whip up some pancakes or avo toast? Do you find yourself rushing out of the door without a bite? I'm on a mission to find breakfast bars that are satisfying and tasty, but most importantl...

February 24, 2017

Last week I made banana chocolate chip muffins by my own recipe and they didn’t turn out the way I wanted them. Alex faked that he liked him and then left 4 more in the tub to throw away! They were much too dense and not as flavorful as I desired. I was stuck on it men...

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