Crockpot Mozz-Stuffed Meatballs

May 1, 2020

I consider myself a meatball connoisseur. For awhile, I’ve tried different recipes and tricks to figure out how to get the flavor of my favorite meatballs I ate in Southern California (years ago!). Finally, a few months ago, i figured it out! Since then my family has loved them and they have even been made at dinner parties (pre-quarantine) at which guests asked for the recipe. I’m proud of the process and felt you deserved the details, too.


You will notice that I use only ground beef in my meatballs. Many people tend to jump towards mixing multiple, but I like the simplicity and after all, we’re using what we can grab at the store. As for the sauce, sometimes I make my own marinara, but for the sake of the recipe, grab a jarred one. My go-to is Rao’s! It is also your call as to how you serve them up. Make a melty meatball sub on Italian bread, a classic spaghetti with extra parm, or plate them over some zucchini noodles to cut on carbs.










-1 lb ground beef

-1 egg 

-1 tbs garlic

-1/2 of a white onion

-1 tbs fresh basil

-1 tsp dried oregano

-2 tbs olive oil

-1 tsp salt

-1/2 tsp black pepper

-1 ball fresh mozzarella 

-1/2 cup Italian breadcrumbs

-1/2 cup parmesan 

-one jar tomato sauce 

-parmesan for topping 


R E C I P E 

O N E - Start by mincing your onion, garlic, and fresh basil. Add them to a large bowl.

T W O - Toss in one beaten egg, breadcrumbs, dried oregano, parmesan, ground beef, salt and pepper.

T H R E E - Use your hands to mix.

F O U R - On a clean cutting board, chop up the fresh mozzarella into small squares.

F I V E - Roll each meatball into a ball, pressing them down and adding your mozzarella inside.

S I X - Heat olive oil in a large pan and brown the meatballs on medium high.

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