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About Bailey

I'm Bailey Sophia, the face behind In Good Taste. My fascination with travel, style, and everyday tips led me to start this blog. I own a marketing company called Captivate Digital Creative. I'm a sunshine state native, a sister, an FSU grad, a pisces, a freelance journalist, and a dancer. Nature fascinates me. I'm an introvert that loves people. I'm an over-thinker, but I consider it being inspired by the simplest things. I'm a night owl. I'm obsessed with hip-hop, my pup (Stella), buffalo sauce, Magic basketball, dark chocolate and all the succulents.


The Story

I love feeling good on the inside and sharing that with what I wear on the outside. I don't have a label for my style or for my recipes. I wear what looks good and cook what sounds good to me! I'm an organic freak that's bohemian inspired, but I still eat pizza in my workout clothes. I believe in balance + In Good Taste will reflect that realness!

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