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Prepp'd for Life!

Be inspired by fresh new recipes + fun, easy-to-follow workouts!


Presented by Founders, Bailey Hill and Trey Martin

Prepp'd is for the busy mother of two, the college student learning how to cook, the business-woman/man that values efficiency, the athlete wanting to switch it up, the motivated person tired of diets/workout fads, and for YOU. Prepp'd was designed to inspire you! We want each and every person that sees this digital magazine to be excited to move in new ways, to cook fresh recipes, and to be their best in all facets of life!


We're all about BALANCE. We've done the extremely limiting diets and the ultra-intense workout challenges, both of which have their benefits. Our issue, though, was that the results didn't last for us, we weren't our happiest, and we got burnt out. We're not claiming you'll lose weight or selling Prepp'd as a way to fix health issues, but rather as a tool at your convenience. Bailey is sharing ten recipes to spice up your cooking. Trey is sharing ten workouts to get you moving in fun ways. We hope you will share your experience with us

What is Prepp'd?

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Meet Bailey + Trey

About Bailey - Written by Trey

Bailey is a dancer, FSU grad, published journalist and owner of digital marketing company, Captivate Digital Creative. But, if you ask her what her real passion is, it's food! Bailey has loved cooking since sitting on her grandmother's kitchen table as a little girl. She is constantly creating delicious and healthy recipes. When we first started dating, I asked her if she could "cook me skinny". Since then, my tastebuds have been blessed with her meal creations and my waistline has been an equal benefactor. Bailey preaches balance in the kitchen. She believes you can eat delicious meals, have a dessert or two, and

About Trey - Written by Bailey

Trey is a former collegiate athlete, outdoor adventure lover, and Doctor of Physical Therapy. His love of sports and moving in combination with his knowledge of anatomy make for well thought-out fitness concepts. He believes that moving your body doesn't have to be monotonous or seem intimidating. Instead, he thinks that your version of "working out" should be the movement method that's most enjoyable to you. Though he sometimes enjoys deadlifting, you can most often find him rollerblading, handstand walking, hiking, or creating mobility flows.

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