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15 Products to Make Organization Easier

If you're anything like me, the start of the year is the perfect time to refresh/spruce up your space. During my move last year, I was able to do some cleaning out, but I still have excess "stuff" lying around + areas to declutter.

I used to be the type that would just leave a pile of clean clothes sitting somewhere until I wore them all, or keep my drawers a mess because the thought of redoing everything to possibly mess it up again was overwhelming. Man, have I turned a corner! HA! Now I'm all into the newest Marie Kondo gadgets and obsessed with the Container Store like my mom and grandma.

So, here we are! It's SO satisfying to take a section of the house and give it a makeover. My goal with this post is to inspire myself to keep it up, and to share some neat products I've used/found with research that could help you do the same while you are doing your Spring cleaning!

Tap the photo to visit the product page!

1. Yamazaki Slim Rolling Bathroom Cart with Handle

If you have a small space between your toilet and the wall, this is a near little cart! It has shelves to fit extra TP, feminine products, etc. and looks very clean/sturdy!

2. Marie Kondo Ink Black Modular Ceramic Jars

Your girl LOVES a jar! I have white ceramic one's from Pier 1 on my counter as we speak for different types of flour, sugar, and starches as well as one black one for Trey's coffee grounds! These one's are sustainably sourced, seal to keep freshness, and are perfect for anything you keep bulk.

3. 24 4oz Spice Jars with Printed Label Stickers

This was a Christmas gift this year from my mom! I was looking for some of these everywhere and just couldn't find the right shape/type of spice jar. To be honest, I haven't gotten around to doing this yet, but I will this week! It comes with a funnel to make transitioning them easy. Also, there is a sticker for EVERYTHING and I have some odd spices. (also extras to label homemade/branded spice mixes)

4. Bamboo Spinners

Spinners are useful for so many things! In the kitchen, they can be convenient if you leave your salt, olive oil, or spices on the counter. I am considering buying one for my skin care products!

5. Food Container Lid Organizer

C'mon! Don't we all need these... I try to use glass containers only, but we still have a bunch of lids that need a home! Somehow, just somehow, they aren't always washed together to be put away and stacked. I feel that it makes more sense to store them this way, so that the containers can fit inside of each other.

6. Linen Drop-Front Sweater Box

I want some of these! I think they're super practical and here is my reasoning. 1) We don't wear sweaters all year (or really much at all in Florida, but it's a good way to keep whatever season we're not wearing at the top of your closet. 2) They keep the clothes clean. No dust! 3) Regardless of how well you fold, large stacks never stay stacked up! Using these for a few sweaters allows you to utilize any vertical space in your closet or slide them under your bed/hanging clothes!

7. Stasher Bag Starter Kit

You're late to the party if you don't have any of these yet... but don't worry! Late is when the cool kids come! You neeeed these in your life. They're useful for food storage in the fridge, school lunches, traveling with cosmetics, storing small items and so much more. They can go directly into the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. If you think you're expensive, think about how much you have paid for Ziplocs in your life and rejoice at the fact they last FOREVER!

8. Knife/Drawer Organizers

You can purchase these all together or separately for all slim-to-standard drawers. I love the look of these! They look easy to wipe out and super clean, especially all together. The color I chose is called "Kocha Brown".

Drawes with drawer organizers showing a tidy linen drawer

9. Drawer Organizers

Let's make our bra drawer look like Victoria's Secret!! I'm learning all about making the most out of space. If you've ever used packing cubes, you know what I mean. These things can really keep your clothes in check.

10. Acrylic Weekly Calendar and Wall Hanging Organizer

Currently, my desk is full of stuff. I'm sitting at it now, so let's make a list of things I see. A basket full of important papers, a binder, a container of markers, duct tape, cacti (cute!), a hat, a diffuser, scissors, random pens/markers, room spray, tampon, books on books, a project for my client, planner, a bag of pens, two bibles, an old phone case.. I could go on. Something like this takes some of the stuff off the desk while looking super cute!

11. Glass Jewelry Display Boxes

Ok, they're not super practical. I wouldn't shove a bunch of jewelry in these things. But if you had some you wanted to display, I think they're SO pretty! Plus, they stack, so a lot of them all next to each other looks chic.

12. Glass & Wood Clamp Jars

She's back with more jars! These come with latches. Besides kitchen goods as mentioned above, I think they also look nice in your laundry room for dryer balls, clothes pens, etc.

13. Vinyl Coated Steel Wall Mounted Pan Organizing Rack

I need... I can never get a handle on how to organize my pans (pun intended). This would do the trick! PLUS it's on a major sale because Pier 1 seems to not be thriving. Regardless, snag it while you can!

14. Silicone Hair Tool Holder

They make these things so awkward to put away. This organizer is simple, but smart. It fits most hair tools and it's made of silicone, so you can actually put them away right when you finish and nothing melts because of it.

15. Laundry Center Rolling Cart

This is a rolling cart with a hanging rack, three different laundry sorting options, and a flat top for folding if necessary. You could also store baskets on top of it and it would be practical + attractive!

Get any of these items? Let me know!

Have an item you think everyone needs? Send it my way!


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