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18 Things I Learned in 2018

It's so hard to believe this year is over. Growing up, you always hear people older than you say that time is flying by, but it wasn't until this year that I consistently caught myself saying, "It's already August... September.... Halloween... Thanksgiving.. Christmas.. NEW YEARS!" I feel so old!

2018 has been lovely, but it has definitely been different. I am so thankful for the amazing memories, new friends, laughs, and happy tears but I'm just as grateful for the trials, harder moments, and growth. Over time I've kept a list in my phone that I would add to over time just so I could remember to write this post for you all.

Here are 18 Lessons I Learned in 2018 that I hope you keep in mind throughout this next year! They will be here if you ever want to come back to them. Feel free to share with friends and family.

Sending you all my love for a healthy, happy, strong 2019!

1 - Self love looks different for everyone.

^I've always known that it was important, but this year I realized what it really looked like for me. Hot baths, time by myself, being creative to super loud music in the dance studio, eating dark chocolate, watching sports, painting with watercolors on the porch, working out, and chats about dreams with people are all part of my love language.

2 - Energy and gut feelings never lie.

^I'm a very intuitive person. I feel a person's energy very strongly when we first meet and I can always tell if I'm about to be in a bad situation before it starts. It's trusting those feelings that I haven't been so good at. It's easy to think you are crazy for feeling something is right/wrong beforehand, but acting after is too late!

3 - Nothing is "ok" with everyone.

^When I'm feeling indecisive I tend to go to my family and friends to ask what they would do in my situation. Even with that select group of people, I will get totally mixed answers. Everyone has an opinion. What really matters is what's right to YOU.

4 - There is so much harmony in the world.

^The negative gets put on blast, but have you every thought about how much fellowship, friendship, understanding, fate and working together there is in the world every second?

5 - There is such thing as humble with confidence.

^Confidence is hot. Humility is hot. There is such thing as being very confident and very humble all at once.

6 - Food is medicine.

^I'm not the first to say it, but I've felt it this year, so I feel it needs to be said some more. Food heals. What you eat can heal you or hurt you with every bite. Which one do you choose?

7 - Every setback is a set up.

^At a point this year I found myself crying over something that didn't go according to plan. I wondered why it happened. I was angry because I thought I didn't deserve it. Not even a full week later, I got something so much better!! When you experience what feels like a setback, change your mindset and think of it as a set up!

8 - Digging deep is the most rewarding.

^This year I realized how much I dislike surface conversations. It's such a Pisces thing to say, but it's true! I like vulnerable people who want to have real talks. They don't have to be sappy, or serious, or educational, or emotional, but valuable.

9 - There is a difference between not having time and not making time.

^Guilty! I have caught myself saying "I don't have time" to something I really needed to make time for. Prioritize those special moments, so you don't put busy work before them.

10 - Once you've experienced better, there's no going back.

^This applies to many aspects of life. If you find something/someone/somewhere that is better than what you knew before you experienced/loved/saw it or them, then why go back?

11 - I like to have a plan, but rolling with an idea can be fulfilling.

^My mom ingrained this in me...I love having a plan. Sometimes, though, just rolling with it can be more fulfilling! If you're a planner, try living in the spur of the moment one day soon. If you're a go with the flow type, plan out a whole day and see what it's like. I think that mixing it up is always good.

12 - Your mind sets limits.

^This is a major lesson I learned this year. I had a certain dream that has been a dream* for a solid 5 years. Not until this year did I start thinking, "This could actually work in real life. What if this really happens." and... boom! Now it's playing out!

13 - You attract what you put out.

^It's straightforward. Put out negativity, gossip, fear, laziness, and get it back. Put out positivity, hard work, faith, good vibes, and you're going to be so much better off.

14 - Stress needs to be managed, not hidden.

^I think it's safe to say we all get stressed at some point in the course of a year.. (maybe even month, week, day?) Figuring out what works for you in terms of alleviating stress in a healthy way is so important, just as important as that big project, seemingly important argument, long conference call, or confusing issue.

15 - Do it afraid.

^I think we can all agree that there is an unhealthy afraid (the one I mentioned in #2 where you act against a gut feeling) and a healthy afraid (when something is simply out of your comfort zone). Get uncomfortable sometimes, it pays off!

16 - Ride the wave.

^I really like to know what's going to happen. I really like things to happen when I think I'm ready for them. I really like days to go the way I plan. This year, when I let go of that I had the best times. Life goes the way He plans, not the way we plan, and it's so much better that way!

17 - You're exactly where you need to be.

^In this moment, you are exactly who you need to be. In the next year you will only be put in places, with people, in moments, that are supposed to happen to you. Nothing is running late or happening too soon. I firmly believe it.

18 - Journal your intentions.

^This one has helped me so much lately. I find it very important to journal your intentions. That ways it's more than just a brainstorm of things you "want", but rather a list that is tangible. You can look at it every so often to center yourself, and it's easy to re-evaluate/change when you see necessary.

Photos by Taylor Beck @thetaylorbeck

Dress - Lovestitch


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