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9 Habits I've Started in 2019

New year, same me...but better! This year is a year of risk taking over here. I'll be trying new things, going new places, and meeting new people. Of course, I'll be sharing that on the blog (and via Instagram!).

The year started out pretty lame, though.. I woke up Jan 2 feeling so sick. It just wouldn't got away, either. Thankfully, I'm back in action and feeling so much better, but all of the downtime got me thinking about what improvements I wanted to make this year. I've started with nine simple habits that have already made an impact. Join me!

1. One second videos - I have this weird obsession with my phone being organized. My room is a mess, but my apps are color coordinated. Hahahaha! I downloaded the app called "One Second Everyday". You take a video everyday and upload one second of it to the app. Then it mashes the clips together and you have a video of each month and the whole year!

2. Turning my phone on silent - I blame my phone on why I am restless some nights. I have friends in other time zones and wake up to the sound of Snapchats/messages in the middle of the night. I now put my phone on silent + have seen a difference. I know anyone with an emergency will call the house. & Yes, the alarm still goes off!

3. No "Cheat Days" - I've never been a crazy diet person or anything, but I did used to say "Sunday will be my cheat day" or even on a certain day if I had an unhealthy lunch, I'd have dessert or something later and convince myself that it was just a day to eat junk. Instead, now I will eat what I want, when I want. If I have a not-so-healthy meal, it doesn't give me any excuse to eat crap the rest of the day!

4. Mixing up my workouts - I love working out! Honestly! I just get bored easily... So, I want to challenge myself to mix it up this year. The gym is fun, but doing yoga some days, running, classes, etc. are always good too!

5. New inspo in media - I follow the same accounts for years. While I was sick I was on social media looking for new accounts to follow. Fresh perspectives, new people, and common interests are welcomed here! I also picked up some travel magazines this week. Reading other published work helps me improve my writing.

6. Trying New Recipes - I love trying new food! I want to try lots of new recipes this year. Have a family recipe that is your favorite? Send it to me!!

7. Reaching out to successful people - Social media makes it so easy to connect. I recently have used it as a tool to chat with people that are experts in my industry. You wouldn't believe how far asking for advice/tips can take you!!

8. Habits Tracker - Another app I downloaded is called "Done". Does anyone else love to check items off a list? This is the virtual equivalent. You set a positive habit (think "workout", "drink more water", "no dessert", "meditate", etc.) and each day you check it off if you did it and leave it alone if not. Then you are able to see the entire week and the whole month to check for trends!

9. Planner monthly goals - You guys know how obsessed I am with office supplies. Using a planner is nothing out of the ordinary for me. This month I started something new, though. There is a space for me to write my goals/expectations for the month. I wrote a few general focuses there that I wanted to remember! Now, I see those every time I flip to January.


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