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Black + White


I'm using this post as a way to talk about life lately in hopes that it will resonate with you in some way too! In the last year my life has changed in major ways. For this stage (Post-Grad) I had all kinds of expectations. I was sure I'd get a job in my field (Journalism) by graduation time because I had gained experience with an incredible internship and was published in multiple magazines at that time. I imagined I'd still be in my long-term relationship, maybe even nearing an engagement. I pinned photos as decor inspiration for my expected studio apartment. I figured I'd be in a bigger city or surrounded by some of my friends. I was so wrong!

Here I am without any of those things. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO extremely grateful. My home is beautiful and comfy. My family is helpful and so supportive. My days are simple and relaxed. My job allows me to be creative and innovative.

What I've realized is that even though "I wish" and "I pray" for other things when I feel lonely or hurt behind the scenes (and will continue to), there is a reason I'm here NOW. It's very easy for me to get caught up in what I assume will happen. Regardless of what it is that I expect, if it doesn't happen it throws me off! I'm choosing now to change that! If you feel the same, join me!

I'm challenging myself to:

1 - Assume less

2 - Trust the process

3 - Appreciate NOW

About the outfit : This is a simple outfit that I put together. I love the contrast and modern edge of black and white. I started this outfit with these awesome heeled boots and went from there!

Boots - CLICK

Shirt (similar) - CLICK

Skirt - CLICK

Choker (similar) - CLICK


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