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5 Fall Style Trends

Most places go through an in-between seasons phase. Temperatures start to drop, but it's not quite cool enough to wear your fall staples. Florida, on the other hand, seems to have a summer that lasts until December... and then we get a few weeks (if we're lucky) of cool, fall-like weather while everyone else is dealing with blistering cold snow days. Basically I'm jealous of everyone wearing chunky knits and leather boots right now. Here, it's just not appropriate yet!

This list is a round up of trends I'm seeing for fall fashion. I compiled this list after watching a few fashion week runways, waltzing around in my favorite stores, and maybe a little online shopping. Which trends will you embrace this season? Send me a DM on Instagram to let me know! @_baileysophia

1 - 1980's inspo - Everything comes back again, right? This year I've seen SO MUCH 80's on runways I've watched. Givenchy and Fendi stuck out in particular. Think shoulder pads in jackets, dresses with ruched sides, button downs with puffy sleeves, and leather cinched with wide belts. My mom + I were at Nordstrom and she pointed to a jacket with shoulder pads and said, "Don't tell me those are coming back." YEP! Yes they are! I'm into it!

2 - Plaid - I think favorite plaid will always be black and white Glen plaid. To me, this is classy and timeless in small doses. I'm not so much into the browns or tans that are in stores so heavily right now, though. This fall there has been all sorts of plaids on the runways, too. Versace even pulled yellow, red, and blue plaids!

3 - Prairie - The prairie style is something I would really have to be in the mood for. It's not my favorite. It's exactly what you're thinking, old-fashioned style dresses that are often with ruffles and sometimes detail around the neck. I like feminine details in outfits, but this still seems too "costumey" to me.

4 - Tailored Blazers - Yes, for WOMEN. I think that if you were going to buy into only 1 out of these 5 fall trend, you should choose this one! (Or buy a plaid blazer and make it a 2-in-1... Ha!) Honestly though, blazers don't go out of style. A tailored blazer is an easy way to present yourself confidently when you walk into any room. Maybe you're not feeling like rocking a dress for a fancier occasion, pulling off a tailored suit is so chic. Throw the blazer over a white tee with jeans and a pair of heels for a fun date night look.

5 - Red Everything - These are the two colors that stood out to me in the runways. According to Pantone, the reds that are most popular this fall are "red pear" and a personal fave "valiant poppy"! Be bold and go monochromatic with it or wear the trend by getting a red printed clutch or a pair of red pointed-toe mules.

I love creating these round-ups. Let me know how you like this type of blog in comparison to my normal posts. Scroll for outfit details. Cheers!

Bailey Sophia

Photos by Sufia Huq

Blouse - SomethingNavy

Shoes - J.Crew

Earrings - Macy's

Jeans - 7ForAllMankind


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