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2021 Gift Guides

Hi friends!

Welcome to this year's edition of Gift Guides! Each year I create guides to help out with your holiday shopping. I have 8 categories that I use each year to separate different types of gifts. I create graphics with the items I choose (from my own experience owning/gifting, research, trends, and family/friends) and links to purchase each and every one in hopes to make your shopping less stressful + lots of fun!

Keep in mind - I am ALL FOR shopping local! If there's a local shop selling something similar, go for it! I believe in keeping local stores open and store owners/workers encouraged! However, I'm also one to buy things that aren't local online, and I know this is how many of us are!

Full Disclosure - *I made a percentage* of sales. It is a teeny tiny baby percentage. It's not my job. However, I do spend time making these in hopes that if you do love my ideas, that you will purchase through my link. It's just a thank you! <3

Anyways, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE time of year! Keep the JOY in Christmas. Don't let the long to do list of shopping get you down, or the intimidation of a delicious menu make your holiday less than incredible! If I can help in any way, I will! Check back here each week for more guides! They will drop regularly.

Get Cozy Gift Guide:

Get Cookin' Gift Guide

Treat Your Pet Gift Guide

Let's Explore Gift Guide

Glam it Up Gift Guide

Take Care Gift Guide


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