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In Good Taste - A Refresher

Hello again!

It seems like it's been forever since I've seen this screen on the back-end of my website and taken the time to write whatever felt right. With the embarrassing algorithm on Instagram and Facebook turning creators away, to the wildness of my business growth as of late, I've caught myself thinking about WHY the internet and social media engulf so much of my time/life.

From the first time I logged into Instagram, I was captivated (ha!) by two things - 1. The accessibility into other people's lives. It was like a portal. Famous people, inspirations, and even your parent's friends used to seem so distant, but social media lets you "live" beside so many people regardless of how many miles away you are. 2. The endless opportunities to create. I remember on my first account snapping photos of flowers, food, the Christmas tree, etc. trying to post something that felt like "art" albeit an everyday observation. I never thought too much into what I was posting. I just captured something, and shared it. There was always a hope that the account would take off, but no pressure. I enjoyed it.

As everything else does, social media has evolved. It's now my work, what I do EVERYDAY. The algorithm has its favorites, is changing to be like TikTok and is not prioritizing creators or consistency any longer. My hope is that it morphs into a "scrapbook"-like platform where pages are completely customizable (think colors, textures, layout, music) + photos can stand a chance while videos are supplemental. Who knows...

All this to say, I've realized the real reasons that I fell in love with social media were for creativity + connection. I started a blog years and years ago with those two in mind. I wanted to share how I felt, things I learned, what I love, and then I let it go in a quest to be relevant. Now I'm back. Sharing moments with you to make friendships, inspire you, grow with you and to store them in one place together without the pressure to impress or blast off in my analytics. It's just real. All in good taste.

So here's to all the outfits, recipes, travels, deep thoughts, and neat stuff ahead in 2022!


Photos by Meka Roberts


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