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Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

My outwardly love language is gifts. In other words, it's not necessarily how I receive love best, but it is a primary way that I love people! I love thoughtful gifts, random acts of kindness, and gifts that are useful/meaningful to my people.

I've decided to start a Gift Giving Series in order to share gifts I've given that are appreciated and ideas that I think other people would enjoy.

This list is for anyone searching for gift ideas for their mom's! Mother's Day is just around the corner, so I've picked items that should be able to be delivered prior as long as they are ordered today! Without further adieu - my list of Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022.


1 - Candles: Each time your mother lights this candle, she will think of you. Find a scent that's special. One she can put beside the bath to relax, one in the kitchen to light when there are guests, or one that is nostalgic of somewhere you both love.

2 - Pajamas: You can NEVER have enough cozy pajamas! For Mother's Day this year, get your mom a new pair of matching pajamas.

3 - Weekly Desk Pad/Planner/Note Pads: I love these and I know my mom does as well. Using them to plan weeks, days, and months ahead helps to plan fun things!

4 - Travel Mugs: I love giving these as gifts because the person receiving the gift may carry it around everyday! They are useful, cute, and you don't pick them up for yourself. These are super cute!

5 - Readers: Most of our mom's pull out their readers to look at menus, wear them on their heads all the time, and maybe even hide them because they don't think they're stylish. Change that by gifting your mom a pair of readers they will WANT to wear and show off!

6 - Dish Towel: I think dish towels are a great gift because they don't cost a bunch, are used often, and are an item that many women don't buy for themselves.

7 - Vases: If you're opting to give flowers, I'd say buy a plant! They live longer! If you know you mama won't keep a plant alive, or you've found the perfect blooms, send them with a beautiful vase like one of the following!

8 - Kitchen Tools: These are items my mother and/or other mother's I know love to use and have on their wish lists!

9 - For the Gardener: This natural wreath, watering can, and gardening tool kit are sweet gifts for mother's that are new or longtime gardeners.

10 - Beach/Summer Accessories: This time of year all kinds of beautiful things for Summer are stocked on shelves. Does your mother like to spend time at the beach? What about in the pool? If not, I also pulled this cool cup to get her through being outside! Ha!


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