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Not Your Average Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day has become one of the most commercialized holidays overall. This year it is expected that Americans will spend $23.9 billion on candy, greeting cards, jewelry, an evening out, flowers, and more. I'm not anti-Valentine's Day. In fact, I love LOVE and I'm the sappiest of pisces. However, the predictability of the average V-day gifts/happenings is overdone to me. Random acts of kindness, creating traditions, and doing something out of the box sounds so much more fun! Here are a few ideas I thought of that won't break the bank, but could spice up your holiday with your special someone.

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1 - Fondue Night: This is a top contender for what we're doing this year! Have a fondue pot? You can grab one at Target, Walmart, or Williams Sonoma. Bring "Melting Pot" to your home. Start with a cheese course (dippers: bread, veggies, pretzels), then a meat course (I usually just bake some sausage instead), and finish with chocolate (dippers: rice crispies, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows)!

2 - Movie Night: It's not your average movie night, though! Plan it out. Grab movie-size candy at the grocery store (or 5Below if you have one!), pop some popcorn, and make what movie you watch a game. Have your S.O. pick three favorite movies, you do the same, and label them 1-6. Find your dice! Use one to roll which movie you play.

3 - Take a Class: Single, dating, or married, this is a neat option. Go learn something new on Valentine's Day. Maybe take a cooking class, sharpen camera skills with a photography class, learn to make chocolate, become a mixology expert, or move to music salsa dancing. There are even virtual options!

4 - Start a Tradition: Start something that you will do every year to look back on where you are now. Paint each other or your family together. Write a letter about what's going on in your life. Create a playlist of your current favorite songs as a couple. Get creative!

5 - Have a Picnic: Pack dinner (or lunch) and enjoy somewhere beautiful with your boo! Sit outside at a park, visit the beach, hike a mountain, or find a lake with public access for a relaxing (not over-priced) meal together.

6 - Progressive Dinner: Find the restaurants that are not doing prix fixe menus. Go somewhere for drinks, the next place for an appetizer, your favorite place for the entree and then finish at your fourth location for dessert! Can't decide? Each pick one for say "apps" and rock-paper-scissor it out.

7 - Spa Day: Book the day or afternoon at the spa! Choose your treatments and enjoy the pampering together as a way to celebrate.

8 - Be Kids Again: Go to a trampoline park, play laser tag, head to an arcade, or show off your putt putt game. These types of places often have specials for adults on V-day.



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