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Just Peachy

Do you ever feel like you're in a slump? When nothing seems to go the way you want for days at a time. Do you find yourself confused as to what each day is supposed to consist of? Do you have goals, but there's something in the way of reaching them? I'm finding my way out of this season right now. For nearly the entire month of August I felt that I had a lack of direction.

I mean from work things going awry to things like completely knocking over my glass of water one day, I felt completely off. It wasn't because of a full moon and I couldn't blame it on mercury being in retrograde, but it was just me not being sure. By coming back to my roots and accepting that goals change, things have drastically improved.

I am a nurturer by nature. So, I'm used to helping everyone else. I'm the listener, the problem solver. In this phase, rolls have reversed. For once, I had to let others listen and take advice rather than give it. I had to speak up and talk about uncomfortable things. It's so different for me, but it's empowering to know what great people I have as my support system. Here are a few things people have shared with me as encouragement/food-for-thought that I pass along to you when you need them.

"What would you do if you had no fears?"

"Life becomes more meaningful when you realize that you'll never get the same moment twice."

"The best things come when you least expect them."

"It's not about what you said or what you did, but how you make someone feel that matters most."

"If you could do one thing today that would get you a step towards your dreamiest goal what would it be?"

"Feelings should never be looked past. Having the courage to feel them out rather than to ignore them is a strength not many have."

My reason for this post is not to get sympathy or for anyone to ask what is wrong - I promise, I'm doing lovely + I'm grateful! But instead, I wanted to write to be real. Every season can't be the best season. I do photo shoots to promote clothing brands and that's what you get on my social media, but trust me, there have been many days lately where I work in my pajamas, have a good cry, or don't feel like hanging out with anyone. We're all human with emotions and I could never try to cover that up. If you're ever in this season, know that I'm here for you, too. We ALL have them and we all benefit from another set of ears!

Photos by Sufia Huq!

Pants - Lulu's

Shoes - Steve Madden

Earrings - Macy's

Glasses - Francesca's

Bracelet - Banana Republic


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