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Red Lace


Each New Years for the past handful of years I've written down a list of goals. They used to be much more fantastical than they are now, but I loved the way it got me thinking about what I needed, wanted, and dreamed of doing in the next 365 days. This past New Years I realized how helpful it was and that I should go to that thinking space more than just once a year! That's where the list making began.

I started by getting a new little notebook. This fed my office supply obsession (ha!), but also helped me to start fresh. I wrote lists under general topics. For example, I created a career list of my biggest goals like retiring young all the way to current goals like attending local networking events. I made a travel list of dream destinations. I made a list of characteristics I'm proud of and things that make me unique, so that I acknowledge them and can better tap into them! I also created a 1, 5, and 10 year list that I don't live by, but I continuously add to and look back on.

Another way I've been able to set my intentions is with my planner! I have two absolute FAVORITE planner brands that put my mind at ease. One is It is a colorful planner that is totally girly, but super fun! I used them for years and still would! This year I got a Passion Planner as a birthday gift. I really really dig it! I love that it has room for reflection and room for monthly goals. It is very useful for anyone trying to stay mindful!

This week I'm challenging myself to:

1 - Be intentional

2 - Be proactive

3 - Be more organized

About the outfit : This is a lace ROMPER dress. I like that it can be dressed up with a little heel because of the lace, but is also casual enough to just go out to dinner in! It is super functional and comfortable because of the shorts.

Necklace - CLICK

Shoe (similar) - CLICK

Dress - CLICK


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