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Summer Picnic

Hi all!

I am happy to be back! I have been in North Carolina for the past three weeks. Being in a different setting (that I'd even call magical) has given me room to think creatively, day dream, and brainstorm. I have some really neat things to share with you in the coming months that I'm excited about. Today's post is all about my trip.

My family spends time in North Carolina each year. This isn't just my sister and parents, but rather my huge 30 person family. When I was in school it was always my chance to get away for summer and have some fun. Now it's a place that I find so restorative. Surrounding yourself with people you love in somewhere so full of nature makes life so much simpler.

We have many different traditions that we've carried on and added over the past 20 or so years. One of my personal favorites is the tradition of cousin game nights.We whip out the board games, go all out, and end up laughing until we cry. This year's favorite was Super Fight. So fun!

In Blowing Rock, the fourth of July is celebrated for the entire week. Every fourth my grandpa (who we call B-Pa) grills the most decadent ribs. Everyone circles around the grill to get them before they are gone. My grandma (Mu) puts out a blank canvas each year and everyone is asked to paint something on it. We hang these up afterwards and laugh at them for years to come. There's probably a ping pong match going on at all times and we end the night around a campfire making s'mores.

On the Saturday closest to the fourth, my family participates in the country club's annual driving range picnic. It's always a beautiful night that closes with a stunning 15-minute firework show. You'd have to see it to believe it!

From awesome hikes to cooking in the kitchen with my family, I felt so much joy in the mountains. I always get a bit sad coming home. As the family starts leaving to go back to school, back to work, back to reality, it makes me remember how lucky I really am to have these few weeks each year! (And also how much I dread walking around in this Florida heat!)

What are your summer traditions? Where are you traveling this year? What's your favorite family vacay?

About the outfit : This outfit reminded me so much of the picnic I mentioned in this post. It had a southern touch, but was simple and comfy. I think it would look adorable with a denim jacket and tennis shoes also. I styled it with a pair of big earrings and a red lip to be festive!

Dress - Target

Shoe - Steve Madden (DSW)

Earrings - Francesca's


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