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Sun + Shades

When I get a compliment from a stranger it's almost always about my hair or my eyes. People ask me where I get my hair done and what I use in my hair constantly! What color do you use? Who cuts it? How does it get so long? I'm going to use this post as a place to send those people for my hair advice and what I do personally!

1) NO COLOR - I have never ever colored my hair. No dye. No highlights. Nada. (And I don't plan on it...) This doesn't mean you're wrong if you do because everyone's hair is different. However, there are some consequences to dyeing your hair that I don't find healthy for mine! My blonde highlights are from the sun. My dad has blonde hair, so I'm convinced it's from him!

2) MINIMUM HEAT - It is quite rare for me to use heat on my hair. I let my hair air dry every night, I haven't used a straightener since 7th grade, and I only curl on occasion. Heat-styling tools can damage ends, dry out your hair, and encourage breakage. My hair is naturally straight. I know taming with heat is necessary for many people. Maybe try days off and embrace the crazy? I once read that our hair is just like our skin in the sense that (1) preparing ahead of the time with heat protectant is your best bet if you use heat often and (2) hydrating the hair post-styling is very healthy to keep it up.

3) CHANGE UP - My aunt (Ana), who is also my hairdresser, told me that it is smart to change your shampoo pretty consistently. I definitely have my favorites, but I am in a constant rotation so that my hair doesn't get used to one thing. It totally works for me!

Some brands I go between:

-Avalon Organics

-Nature's Gate




4) MASK - Less necessary, but somewhat fun are hair "masks"! When I know I'm laying out in the sun and getting sweaty or occasionally when I know it's my last night sleeping on my sheets before washing, I will put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in my hair! I leave it in for at least an hour (up to all night) and then rinse. I am bad about not washing my hair. I probably wash it more than I should, but it grosses me out to think that my hair that touched a restaurant booth or a gym machine is touching my pillow. So, I do this coconut oil trick to keep my hair hydrated and I really give the ends extra love. The result is quenched, shiny hair!

5) NUTRITION - It's real, people. What you eat affects your hair. I am thankful to my good genes for the thickness and color of my hair, but food directly contributes to texture, shine, length, and overall health of hair! My diet isn't perfect, but I do eat fruits and vegetables that help out. I'm sure there is a lot of research on this, but I've heard B12, Vitamin C, and healthy fats are pretty important for your locks!

This week I'm challenging myself to:

1 - Eat more fruits + veg

2 - Wash my hair less

3 - Do a hair mask

About the outfit : This outfit is super laid-back and simple. I really love Old Navy's graphic tees + I thought wearing this one may brighten my day. It does just that! I liked that the bright yellow contrasted with the dark jeans and camel belt. I put on some rose gold slides that I found at TJMaxx!

Shirt (similar) - CLICK

Shoe (similar) - CLICK

Jeans (different color) - CLICK


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