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Thoughts Thursday: Get Physical

Thoughts Thursday is BACK and BETTER than ever!

Each Thursday I will be coming to you live... well, in my stories, to get your opinions! Our topics will range from outfits/clothing, to travel destinations, home decor, personal habits and more. I will learn about you and in-turn, share links when applicable.

The first day of February is the day that most people quit their New Years Resolutions. Though I'm one to moreso rethink how I structure my days, add things into my life, and eliminate what doesn't serve me, I know that many of you have GOALS to hit or resolutions set in relation to that perfect beach body for spring/summer. So, I've got you covered. I thought... if we share the cute athletic-wear this week, my people can order it in the next week or so, and receive it in the mail as a way to continue GETTING PHYSICAL past the normal "quit" date.

Truthfully, a spectacular workout wardrobe can encourage me to move my body. Vuori is a brand I discovered this holiday season. I was shopping for my dad, who orders what he needs when he needs it. He's difficult to shop for, so I was looking for something new that he may not have heard of. At REI, they have some luxurious feeling outdoors/fitness apparel. I was SOLD! I ended up buying him some super nice joggers and a shirt, then going back to buy Trey a long sleeve shirt as well.

This stuff is BUTTERY + so attractive on any body type!

Without further ado, my picks!


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