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Thoughts Thursday: The Sweater Dress

Thoughts Thursday round two for the year!

If you're new here:

Each Thursday I come to you live... well, in my stories, to get your opinions! Our topics will range from outfits/clothing, to travel destinations, home decor, personal habits and more. I will learn about you and in-turn, share links when applicable.

We're in that weird middle time where we don't know what to wear. In Florida is goes from 50's to 80's in a matter of hours/days/weeks and everywhere else it's frigid. If you're out of state and want a cozy, cute sweater dress, I've got you! If you're in a warmer place, but want a Winter -> Spring transitional piece, there's something for you too! As always, if you purchase, let me know what you chose. I can't wait to hear.

Without further ado, my picks!

CLICK the PHOTO to shop!


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