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Thoughts Thursday: Wishlist Tops

Do you go to your closet, running late for dinner, and struggle to put together an outfit you actually like? I'm always late. Aside from photoshoots (aka the put together shots you often see on here), I toss on workout clothes or one of the same 10 outfits every day. I recently realized what has me stumped, though. It's TOPS! I have a few cute sweater, and a handful of cute tanks, but for a normal day where I need a short or long sleeved shirt, my closet fails me!

So, I need to change that! I've been probing the internet for "everyday tops" that could look cute for a variety of things. I want shirts I can wear out during the day with casual jeans or shorts to run errands/work at a coffee shop, that may also look cute for a date night, meeting with a client or nicer dinner.

So, I've compiled my favorites that I thought you may be interested in, too!

If you're new here:

Each Thursday I come to you live... well, in my stories, to get your opinions! Our topics will range from outfits/clothing, to travel destinations, home decor, personal habits and more. I will learn about you and in-turn, share links when applicable.

CLICK the PHOTO to shop! (and as usual, let me know what you get)


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